Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA

After a great time in San Diego, we headed north to the city of angels. The balmy weather of the west coast had all of us in a great mood. Knowing that we're avoiding some of the northeast's colder months brings a slight smile to all of our faces while driving up the left coast.

We arrived at Mr. T's Bowl in LA, an old bowling alley that had been converted into a live music venue. The place is a legendary venue with over 40 years of music passing through there. The night was organized with 5 bands each playing a 30 minute set. The shorter set length keeps the night moving and the crowd interested in seeing new music. We assembled a 6 song set and did our best to rock out.

theWANDAS & Fans at Mr. T's Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

It continues to be a great trip because we're meeting so many new fans and seeing old friends who have since moved around the country. Onward and up the coast to San Francisco. We drove for about an hour the night after the LA show to beat the traffic the next morning. We had a solid 6 or 7 hour drive to San Francisco.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, CA

We arrived in front of Thee Parkside in San Francisco around 6pm giving us plenty of time to unwind before the show. We ate a quick meal in the bus and did our pre-show vocal warmups. This show was especially fun for several reasons. We were playing a great venue, we had a bunch of old friends at the show (and my parents), we were playing with some great bands; Cannons and Clouds, Low Red Land, and our buddies from Boston, Ketman;  it was the makings of a great night.

After the show we spent the night hanging out with old friends and meeting new people. Yesterday we started to make our way to Portland, OR as we had the day off and about a 10+ hour drive. We stopped at Mt. Shasta, a little less than halfway to Portland.

Mt. Shasta, California

We're playing at Kelly's Olympian on Portland Oregon tonight. We'll see you there!